Swing or Slide?

All of Nature’s View Sunrooms’  models come available with sliding or swing doors.  Swing doors are your conventional style doors that open either in or out from where you are coming from.  For example, your front door is more than likely a swing door, as is your bathroom door, etc.  Sliding doors are a double section door that open or ‘slide’ into each other to form the entrance/exit.  Sliding doors are more common for passage ways to and from your backyard/porch.030805door

Your browser may not support display of this image.There are some advantages and disadvantages to each style.  The swinging door will offer you more security because you can install dead bolt locks which are difficult to overcome.  The disadvantage with the swinging door is that it takes up space when it swings open.  No furniture can be placed in the path of the door.  This decreases the amount of space you can utilize inside your sunroom.  The sliding door does not offer as much security because the locking mechanisms are limited due to the style of the doors.  However, the sliding door will allow for more window space as the entire door is almost a pane of glass and will not take up any room inside the sunroom because it does not swing open.

The style of door you choose should fit the style and design of your sunroom and existing home.  Your experts and Nature’s View Sunrooms will be able help you in your decision process.

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