Quick Start to a Sunroom

When the decision has been finalized to build a sunroom, Nature’s View Sunrooms wants to be your choice.  Here is a ‘quick start’ guide to starting your sunroom.  These short guidelines will help your purchase go smoothly.sunroom (1)

  • The first decision is to look over your home and determine where the sunroom should be placed.  Most sunrooms are placed in the back-yard or away from high traffic areas.  This is because it is a room to relax in and you want to minimize outside disturbance.  It is also important to build the sunroom in an area that gets plenty of direct sunlight.
  • Determine your style.  Nature’s View Sunrooms offers a wide range of colors and styles to suite your home.  You will want to consider both style and appearance along with price and difficulty of the project.
  • Pick your materials.  It is recommended to get professional built sunrooms because they tend to be much more efficient than home built sunrooms.  We recommend using high-efficiency materials.
  • Windows play a huge part in the amount of sunlight which enters your sunroom as well as how efficient your sunroom is (staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer).  Remember to take into account the U-Value of the windows prior to purchasing them.  The lower the U-Value is the more energy efficient the window is.
  • It is highly recommended that you hire professionals to install your sunroom.  Hired contractors will do exactly what needs to be done to optimize your install.  This will also lower your stress level.

Talk to your professionals at Nature’s View Sunrooms when it’s time for your sunroom purchase!

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