Have a Tropical Winter

Many of us in Ontario dread the winter months.  The shorter days and lack of warmth tend to make most people depressed and miserable.  However, with a four season sunroom you can have the warmth of the most tropical summers attached to your home, even in the dead of winter.  There are many decor tips for sunrooms but why not focus on a tropical theme.  Here are some things to consider should you decide to go tropical:

  • Flooring for your sunroom should be based on traffic levels.  Higher traffic sunrooms will need more durable flooring.  For a tropical theme warm brown colors should be used.  Some examples of flooring which would compliment this theme are tropical hardwood such as mahogany or rosewood.  Bamboo is also a great idea for flooring if traffic is less heavy.  Bamboo will definitely compliment the tropical theme.  Once your flooring is selected, a great way to accent the room would be to add area rugs with the same tropical feel.
  • Furniture will also play a big part.  To keep the tropical theme bamboo furniture or wicker furniture should be used.  Again, the colors should be based on your theme.  Tropical colors such as greens, warm browns, reds and yellows should be considered.  Some enthusiasts may also want to use iron furnishings to give the look of a tropical home.
  • Your tropical sunroom should have an abundance of light.  This will help maintain the tropical setting all year round.  Tropical plants like mini-palms or exotic plants can also be used to add to the ambiance.  Coconut trees (as newly sprouted) or even pineapple trees (also newly sprouted) will also work.
  • Animal lovers may also want to care for tropical birds or reptiles which will make an excellent addition to your sunroom and compliment the tropical them.  If you are going to purchase animals for your sunroom, first select the animal you will care for and accent your sunroom with those colors.  The base color of your tropical sunroom should be a dark or forest green and all accented colors should compliment your pet’s colors and habitat.

The possibilities are endless.  Whatever you decide, a tropical sunroom will help get rid of those winter blues.

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