Going Four Seasons – Understanding U-Value

It seems these days that everywhere we look we are purchasing products and services that are environmentally friendly and/or energy efficient.  Your windows for your four season sunroom should be no different.  Purchasing windows that are energy efficient will increase your sunrooms efficiency (keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer) while saving you money on your monthly gas/hydro bills.final-sunroom-after-2

Here’s how it works.  A window’s insulating value is known as its U or R-Value.  The larger this value is, the higher the heat flow is through the window.  Glass by itself is a very poor insulator; this is evident just by touching a cold glass of water or your own windows on a cold winter day.  The key to efficiency is in the design of the window.  Adding an additional pane to the window as well slightly tinting the windows are some very useful designs to better insulate your sunroom.  In addition, try to avoid using metal framing around your windows without proper insulation.  Metal is also a very poor insulator of heat.

It is also important to note that the Canadian Government offers up to a 30% tax credit (up to $1500) on all energy star doors and windows.  Nature’s View Sunrooms will help you pick out the right windows to fit your budget and style.

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