Decorating is Key

Your sunroom’s structure will be one of four designs, depending on the style of its roof.  There are straight, curved, conservatory, and cathedral sunrooms and each of them lends itself to a different sunroom decorating approach.

Sunroom Decorating

You can give your enhance the outdoorsy look of your sunroom by adding wooden beans to its interior and putting wood-patterned vinyl siding on its exterior.  If your sunroom’s interior has wood trim, you can choose rattan, wicker, or wood furniture to enhance the natural mood.  Both wicker and rattan furniture are woven from plant materials, and can be either stained or painted to match  the wood trim of your room, or any of the colors you have chosen for your decorating scheme.

Sunroom Decorating

Teakwood is another great choice for sunroom decorating, because it maintains the natural and slightly tropical look most people associate with sunrooms, while being far more able to handle cold weather than wicker is.

When you’ve selected the material for your sunroom furniture, you need to decide how many and what sort of pieces you need.  Creating a conversation area in a part of your sunroom is easy with an appropriately sized area rug, on which you can arrange a   sofa or loveseat facing a couple of chairs, all grouped around a coffee table.  Adding some reading lamps and end tables with room for books will invite people to curl up and read, while enjoying the warmth of the sun, the surrounding views, and the fragrance and color of your sunroom plants or the soothing sounds of water cascading down the sides of your sunroom fountain.

More Sunroom Decorating Ideas

You can add a fun South Seas touch to your sunroom by purchasing two sturdy and realistic artificial palm trees and suspending a hammock between them.  An aquarium with lots of vividly colored tropical fish and aquatic plants will lend a hint of balmy ocean breezes, whitecaps, and coral reefs.   With a bit of imagination your sunroom decorating skills can create a seaside getaway within your own home!

Or divide your sunroom into “zones,’ screening them from each other with plants or attractive room dividers. (You can either buy painted room dividers, or build your own and find stencils at you local hobby store with which you can make up your own designs.)   Make sure each of your zones has its own focal point, like a wall hanging or painting; a special view; or a fountain, and group your sunroom furniture around it.

For more information about solarium uses and purposes, contact Nature’s View Sunrooms for more advice.

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